Home entertainment audio video and networking has been our passion since 1999. Home technology has changed and evolved much since then.  Smart devices and apps control it all. Are you full of questions about the newest technology?

It's not a plug and play world anymore.

What equipment, and what tv/internet service providers are the best? 

Which brands work well together?  Which ones don't?  If your home A/V or network needs help or isn't performing like it used to, give us a call or email. 

We are an Authorized Dealer for Samsung, Sony, Pioneer, Bose, ProControl, and many more.  We also have a wide selection of premium MasterBrand  private label products, as well as private label speakers from Elura Audio. We can also upgrade your wifi system with professional gear from Luxul.  Call or email today for more information!

210-725-9439 Wiredhomes@gmail.com


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